Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let JORO Help You With Your Spring Cleaning!

1. Clean out your closets! Pull out all of your black tie, semi formal and daytime festive party dresses. Determine which ones can be tweaked by your fave tailor for
another showing. Decide which ones need to be relocated to either a consignment boutique or a local charitable donation center so that someone else can celebrate.
Let Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions help you to merchandise and accessorize with some of the area's fashionistas!

2. Put your best face forward! Toss out your winter weather make up and muddied color palettes. Make an appointment to have your make up "done up" for the springy season. Whether day into evening or event specific , have Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions introduce you to cosmetic artists who can transform your look in one short session!

3. Smile for the camera! Now that you can see beyond the clouds, arrange for a photo shoot outdoors with all of nature as your witness. "Save the Date" cards are atop everyone's wedding and event lists. Ask Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions to open the doors to a photography studio chosen to capture you in the best of lights!

4. Strike a pose! Lax games, swim meets, dance recitals, family holiday dinners , camp reunions and more. Start taking pictures which fill in the blanks in your montage. Call Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions to find a videographer who is computer tech top of the charts and can make your event one in a lifetime!

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


One could hear a pin drop...or a lens, more appropriately, as my oldest daughter
directed her finger toward the center of her eyeball. "SHHHHHHH" was all she had to say to me during the intense appointment. At some point in time ( I lost track as I dared not look at the clock, the sun setting, or anything else which might have
made her anxious)my cell phone vibrated! The whirring was enough to set her off,too, so I took the call in the safety of the office building restroom!

"Stacy" called. You know "Stacy." "Stacy Knows." "Stacy" a.k.a. Stacy Geisinger.
She meets, she attends, she blogs and , mostly, she shares information. Her talents
shorten the learning curve for friends and clients in the same way that Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions does for its friends and clients. She and I are 24/7 information movers who find one another "on " line at "off "hours, at various charity functions, on Facebook and over the phone. The fee for her tips is a heartfelt "thank you."
The same goes for my own clients. Smiles, props and future referrals are all the
thanks necessary from them. Stacy does have a money making business. Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions does work for compensation. The reality is that businesses make money. "Free enterprise" is not really "free" in the sense that advertising dollars, marketing fees, administrative costs, taxes and more eat up much of what would otherwise be pure profit.

There are many times when Stacy of I work for "free." She and I donate time and services to charities in order to "pay it forward " to those with less fortunate
life circumstances. Stacy and I do work for family and friends at or below cost. We hope to represent only vendors for whom we have respect and trust.

Stacy Knows. Jo knows, too. Jo knows that there are whispers of some suburban women
walking into offices and storefronts of celebratory talents asking for referral commissions after the fact. I question the notion of "free enterprise" if it means that anyone can masquerade as a legitimate referral resource on any given day.
I question it and you might do the same! Put your time and faith in those who have
earned the reputation of having built business networks which work for you first!
Stacy knows and does. Joro knows and does, too. Let us share what we do best !

Jo Rosenfeld, Event Coordinator
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