Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dinner and a Home Movie?

Remember when hearing that your Saturday night at a friend's house was to include dinner, dessert and a pot of family photo album ? Worse, a big slice of home movies?
Over the years, you mastered the art of "poker face" when presented with the
weekend invitation. Many years later , Facebook and other social networks have
changed watching your friends and family on film much more attractive.
You can sneak a quick peak at posted pix without a two hour commitment
to "ooh" and "ahh." Photoshopped and swapped, images are shared with the blink of an eye leaving much time for coffee and/or dessert.

HOWEVER, when it comes to milestone events, it is still important to consider
those who might not share your ability to log in and out of the lives of those
you care for. There are some, such as your kids, who are not connected to a social network ( or at least you hope not) and who live for the entertainment provided
by your voice sharing stories of long ago. Oral story telling and the printed picture. It is the perfect rainy day activity or bedtime ritual.

Professional photographs and videos are a legacy for your children. Many of the shots, such as bridal party prep, are not shared with the masses. The potential
"bloopers" tend to evoke more emotion than any Facebook profile pic or
album inclusion can ever hope to achieve.

The weekend approaches. The weather is unpredictable. One thing is certain,
an invitation to dinner, dessert and carefully chosen eye candy is looking
very, very good. Pull out your albums and videos. Share your stories and
bring a smile to the faces of those in your audience. Pass around the
pot of coffee and our business contacts. Let us refer you to the most talented
photographers and videographers. Let us entertain you !

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Celebrating on a Local Level

The lure of Fire Island, for many , was the ability to leave their cars , and civilization, behind. A ferry ride away, the island offered up a party Eden
for visitors and residents. A walk to any spot was withing block left less time to waste on commuting and more for having fun. Celebrating on a local level !

Now they're " all grown up, " with families, work and /or obligations.
Leaving life behind has become far more complicated. Who, to make it more
difficult, invited the economy to throw a wrench into going out and being carefree?!

Residents in a Northern Westchester communities have risen to the occasion.
They have begun to celebrate at home...well, in their hometowns.

One nail salon owner shared the secret of G.N.O. in her town. The same group of women who had once lived in NYC , spent summers on Fire Island and the Hamptons , moved to the burbs and now kept in touch, opt to leave life in the fast lane.
For any given birthday, " the girls " take over the shop for an evening.
Mani, pedi, massage, wax and a lot of laughs are shared. The local wine seller has the party pop and the sushi is delivered from only blocks away. In many cases, babysitters are no longer needed as the group is right in town. Good for the guests and great for the pocketbooks.

Charitable events have also navigated themselves away from more austere venues, such as hotels, and pitched party tents within the walls of local restaurants and inns.
An annual workout ,in the name of good health, brings out the neighbors in numbers.
Food stations are set up along side auction items. Dressing for success no longer involves a blowout , make over or little black dress." B.Y.O.B." is redefined to mean " bring your own bonsu !"

The possibilities are endless and Northern Westchester has brought the
party home for the holidays and for every other day worth celebrating.

Let us help you to find local talent on any level. Venues, catering, entertainment and more !

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Thursday, April 1, 2010


A dozen delicious and daring ways for JORO to show you what Spring 2010 cookies are good for! Ideas so fresh that you can taste them before they are baked!

1. Cookie candle lightings this bar/bar mitzvah. See how the old standard cupcake
holds up against this new and exciting concept ! Lighting a candle on a cookie burns calories!

2. Cookie place cards are a mouthwatering version of a paper ancestor. No trees
are downed in the process...only natural ingredients!

3. Cookie bouquets for the prima ballerina post recital. A personalized picture on the morsel says a thousand words. The cookie will keep the audience talking for years to come !

4. Cookie camp reunion or bunk gifts. Color, logo and color war over who eats the one extra!

5. Cookies custom designed with mom in mind this mother's day. Grandma, too...not to mention the kid(s) who gave you that status!

6. Cookies for the cause! Redefine a fund raising bake sale ...raise awareness and money !

7. Cookie business cards. An easy sell, in any market, for a realty open house !

8. Cookies go down easily for pre-prom carbo loading. Thinking girls don't eat? Think again, lol !

9. Cookies shorten the long list of teacher gifts at the end of the year. A perfect
mate for the stack of Starbucks gift cards they'll receive!

10. Cookies which make everyone ooh and aah at a bridal shower. Never duplicated. Never the wrong size or color. Never returned !

11. Cookies tucked into hotel guest bags to keep your out-of-towners smiling.
They can be doubly delicious as a "thank you" note for having made the long trip !

12. Cookie trading cards or s.r.o. tickets for a birthday party.
Your m.v.p. or teen idol has never looked so good !

Order now!
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