Thursday, May 20, 2010


Over the last 24 hours, I have gotten calls, emails and request for the following:

- a cotton candy machine with two colors and one attendant
- a vintage ice cream truck equipped with a driver and a bell for the kids to ring while the memories of such ring in the ears of their parents
- edible centerpieces made of one hundred percent refined sugar
- shot glasses of warm chocolate pudding with custom baked Twinkies and Devil Dogs riding shotgun
- a Viennese table for a retro Mitzvah
- elaborate desserts by the bite for a "regressive" dinner party

Why the sweet smell of dessert? I turned to history in order to answer my own question.

Before the mechanization of the sugar industry, long before the
rise of Dylan's Candy Bar and the likes, sweets were a privilege of the
aristocrats. Sweets ,for the masses, were a rare treat on special occasions.

Years later , the call ( or the email) is for candy coated celebrations.
Sugar for the masses en masse. Clients are craving sweet treats and the
sweet memories of childhood.

Life is short. Why not begin your day with dessert?!

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