Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There's A College for Everyone

"There's a college for everyone."

Upon first glance , I am sure that, the above statement seems completely
random and unrelated to anything , even remotely, related to the
event industry. Upon second glance, the statement seems to be calming.
It relives the stress of feeling the pressure to commit to any of the
"top, hot and booked out for the next three years " venues or vendors.
Besides, how could looking at colleges with an incoming high school
junior be considered anything shy of a life event?!

Two summery months until college craziness moves into my universe.
Two summery months to take advantage of slower days...days
during which I can , casually, help my friends and clients to see
that there is a college for everyone. There is a venue and a vendor
for everyone. It 's a matter of making a short list to look at and into
a representative of each option and figure out what "feels"
best for the person doing the looking! Not a new concept but one
which is best revisited when the days are longer and the pace of life
is slower.

Just last week I had the pleasure of escorting and interviewing
representatives from both boutique and big business ends of the
event industry. My clients sat back in the comfort of their home
and got a feel for what their options are and what would make
them want to attend their own celebration.

"Boutique" is another word for "family." One very special V.P. of
an entertainment group drove several hours in order to bring
her "family " into the family room of my clients. She sat with
a small laptop equipped with big impact. Time . Attention.
One party in a 24 hour span. Everyone working with her was part of a well
oiled machine (and from the looks of the video clips they are
very , very well oiled)in order to keep the momentum going
from beginning to end. Emotion. Bonding. Blending. Even the contractual
agreement she shared was written as if my clients were related to
the group and nothing in the world mattered more than they did.

Big business pulled up, hours away and days later, with
a history of successes in the passenger seat. A bigger screen
for viewing, high impact and top tier performance. His family
was and is much more of an extended one. Some have been with
the group for over two decades and others have come aboard to
be mentored by their predecessors. Smooth. Seamless.
He offered my clients the assurance that, in the event of any
emergency, there would be many to step in and see the party
through with flying colors.

The two entertainment options cater to different people, for
different reasons at different times. And, at the same time,
they take the guess work out of what the party will be
when it grows up. My clients became college applicants
of sorts. Their decision was one based , purely, on personal
preference. A college for everyone. A venue and a vendor for everyone.
Stress was not ever invited along for the interview process or the
decision making one.

As for the concept of Early Decision in college and in event planning?
I am one who puts much stock in trusting one's gut and shortening the
"to do" list. So, if it feels right then put in an application and
hope for the best. Sweatshirts and bumper stickers?? Now, those best be
left for college. For a party, both the boutique and big biz
groups will wear any custom print tee or hat which would bring
the family and crowd to their feet!

Let us bring the excitement into your family room !
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

411 on 2010

It seems to me that every time I sit down to blog , over recent weeks, I am
sidetracked with calls from new and existing clients. I am thrilled to be side tracked, you should know, and even more thrilled by the writer's block I am experiencing beyond the blog.

Three photographers. Three out of three booked for a 2011 event. I hit a wonderful wall! Email writer's block !
Well, it took some creativity to match the task with the talent. Tries four and five
came up picture perfect. It occurs to me that as walls are cropping up so
is the economy!

Venue searches have walls closing in, too. Booked. Deposits made. Money put down
ahead of time. This is all very, very good!

Now, you can ask , " How can that be very , very good for me? " After all, hosts and venues need
doors to be open in order to celebrate. Well, it is good as the industry is rising to
the occasion(s) and staffing up It is, once again, custom tailoring product, presentation and pricing.

So, pick up the phone. Take me away from the blog which is so long overdue an entry!
Try your luck! You'll be a winner!

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions www.jorosenfeld.com jo@jorosenfeld.com
914 - 419 - 2368 Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions on FB