Tuesday, June 1, 2010

411 on 2010

It seems to me that every time I sit down to blog , over recent weeks, I am
sidetracked with calls from new and existing clients. I am thrilled to be side tracked, you should know, and even more thrilled by the writer's block I am experiencing beyond the blog.

Three photographers. Three out of three booked for a 2011 event. I hit a wonderful wall! Email writer's block !
Well, it took some creativity to match the task with the talent. Tries four and five
came up picture perfect. It occurs to me that as walls are cropping up so
is the economy!

Venue searches have walls closing in, too. Booked. Deposits made. Money put down
ahead of time. This is all very, very good!

Now, you can ask , " How can that be very , very good for me? " After all, hosts and venues need
doors to be open in order to celebrate. Well, it is good as the industry is rising to
the occasion(s) and staffing up It is, once again, custom tailoring product, presentation and pricing.

So, pick up the phone. Take me away from the blog which is so long overdue an entry!
Try your luck! You'll be a winner!

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