Sunday, September 26, 2010

" When Your Own Initials Are Enough "

A Botega Veneta ad campaign back in ...the 70's perhaps?
How sage and how ahead of their time. Years later I , still, find myself
drawn to life's little pleasures which don't wear business cards all
over them.

A more recent campaign, over the last school calendar year, arose
in the suburbs of Westchester when school officials chose to
place limitations on the rights of students to wear custom print
giveaway sweats to school. Most schools remained neutral on the
wave of fleece , in any given color, washing over the foyers on a
Monday morning following a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. However, a handful
of school administrators and staff members deemed the display of such
as unkind in nature to those who had not been asked to attend the
events. Their rulings allowed the clothing items to appear from
Tuesday on after the buzz had died down and the focus was on
the printed word in the form of a textbook or homework.

I can see both sides of the argument.

I , for one, loved , and still do, the concept of wearing something
which cannot be directly identified by those looking on.
However, I like the ability to use dress as a form of self expression and, yes, even
indulge in certain branded items for the art behind them (as opposed to the
price tags).

As for the kids? Three years of preparation and commitment to
serving as an adult in their given community is something to be celebrated.
Two or three initials on the front of back of hoodie
don't seem over the me. After all, kids of all ages go
to practices and weeks of tryout in order to make the teams of their choice.
More often than not, the athletes sport sweats in unison.
They wear them as soon as they come off of the iron presses.
Their names, numbers, school and team affiliations are in plain view for
all to experience. Yes, there are those who do not make the team for
whatever reason, but the ones who do are not limited as to how, where or when
they will announce their affiliation.

Let us know what you think, please!
We are always listening to our clients and our followers.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 Quick Holiday Fixes For, At Least, 3 Holiday Parties!

1. SHADES OF THE SEASON: Lamps...tall , short , deco , neo-classical...whatever
turns you , and the lights, on for Holidays 2010-2011. Our decor experts
are brightening homes with shades draped with scarves, wrapped up in crystal
chains and/or based in a base of berries and beads. So pretty , you'll want to
keep the lights on even during broad daylight!

2. IT'S A CINCH: Fabrics swagged and draped for drama. Our most creative decor consultants
are blending colors, room to room , in order to create a perfect cocoon
for staying warm through the winter. Romantic and realistically priced as
it all breaks down easily when you want a change!

3. LIGHT A FIRE: Fireplaces ,mantels , outdoor hearths and more. Our
mood mavens come with cars filled with all of the trims. Custom
treatments which will allow for intimate gatherings and large
family traditions. See how feathers blaze in a room this season in line
with the latest fashions! Photo opps are eye catching !

This and much more! Let us celebrate the holidays with you at home!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

" FOR SALE." No sign on the lawn!

When the first house which I called "home" sold, it did so thanks to the
talents of Karen Eastman-Bigos. Karen is "the girl next door" in every sense.
She grew up just a property away from mine with the ability to look over my
lawn in order to see the bigger picture spanning out over the suburb in N.J.
She went to high school in town, grabbed a slice at the same haunt which still stands
on the main drag and worked side by side with her mom to build a business
opening houses and closing deals. So, who better to market my home than
someone who truly loved it and the community in which it stood? Truth be
told, Karen was talented enough to have sold it twice in about the same number
of years for me. By her second sale, I was finally ready to move on from the
town in which we'd both made memories. She could have sold it a third time had I
asked her to!

The same " For Sale " feeling exists for those vendors who have
carefully chosen to set up shop in their own hoods.

One of my favorite hometown heroes is a photographer now located in
a small northern Westchester town. He and his family grew up on the
streets of Chappaqua. He owned homes and businesses in sister towns.
When he finally put up his "For Sale" sign in event photography it was
not on the lawn. Rather, people were drawn to his ease, talent, photographic
eye and love for their neighborhood. Why race to NYC when a prized
photographer was drinking a vente drip while catching the winning shot in a
middle school game made by a Bar Mitzvah boy whom he was contracted to
shoot in only a week's time?

Just a stone's throw and picturesque drive away lives a woman who
knows the ins, outs and inlets of the quiet Connecticut suburb in
which she works. She walks the New England walk, talks the New England
talk and sees beauty, her biz, in the eyes of all of the women
who stop in for her advice. She stopped to smell local roses just
long enough to have developed a passions for her patrons' events.
She is also on call to another talented photographic "townie" gone
international. Her lens is most comfortable when working at
home in photo journalistic mode. Cosmetics enhance the beauties
of the burbs and dessert decor reflects the flavor of the locals.
A sweet deal!Their talents, on a "two for one" basis, need no curbside calling
cards as they speak for and sell themselves. Both women work from an appreciation for all which exists within walking distance.

No need to travel the ends of the earth in order to
put together a top tier team of experts for your next
event. Let us introduce you to your neighbors! You'll eliminate " Buyer's Remorse!

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