Thursday, February 25, 2010


" Bigger isn't always better. " WELL, SOMETIMES IT IS!

Recent media would have one believe that " money " is the only thing to be concerned
with. It is true that there, all too often, seems to be too little " money " to go around in a recession when it comes to planning a party. What lies beneath the finance,
however, is the reality of "time." " Time " is a commodity and there never, ever
appears to be enough of it in supply to meet the demand. So, smart event shoppers
are looking to save on both fronts.

Super-sized entertainment venues are cropping up all over the Tristate area for just
that reason. Huge concrete facades , in spite of their rigid exteriors , are proving to be very, very flexible.

A Westchester entertainment extravaganza morphs day into night causing a central cafe in the round to become a full service bar. Every night can be a Saturday night and Thursdays are not reserved for society affairs. The private catering arm offers a Boho chic cocktail party, corporate retreat, camp reunion or black tie mitzvah to
unfold all week long. No worries of the space not being ready to roll for an incoming morning gathering. It is white glove clean by 3 a.m. The mezzanine can be
rented for a child's birthday party, a night of shooting pool and fun for a more grown up celebration or contracted as a "sky box" for attending a concert performance
with food and beverage service.

Just a half hour away in Rockland a new party palace has opened its doors. Valet
parking attendants escort guests onto the carpet and into the fun. In minutes,
full basketball court gym spaces disappear into the "black" allowing piping, draping and dramatic lighting to emerge. The vast spaces are arranged , rearranged, configured, reconfigured, decorated and redecorated to accommodate visionaries and
their budgets. Catering is to anyone's taste whether it be ballgame barbecue stations or passed food by-the-bite. Furnishings, music, video and more. A one stop shop.

Northern New Jersey welcomes the big kid on the block! One is caught up in the energy and talent living within the massive structure. Two special party rooms
seat hundreds of guests and allow the same numbers to dance til dawn. A fully equipped commercial has been built in. Its pulse is on anything worth celebrating
from a very Sweet Sixteen to a G.N.O. with frozen drinks being poured. A milestone
birthday and a holiday business bash are equally treated to the options of
state of the art audio-video, emcees and d.j.s for the event of a lifetime.
The furnishings light up and so does the venue itself.

Worth noting on one's shopping list is customer service. All three mega
spaces offer constant contact . Phone. Email. FB. Twitter. Size has not
diluted the concentration on anyone's part.

So, there is no reason to waste precious time sweating the SMALL stuff. Let us introduce you to see, experience and remember the BIG picture!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


"After the flowers have died, all you have left are your pictures. "

For years, photographers and videographers have been educating their prospective clients on the importance of event image documentation. Pictures. Photographs. Video projects. Their position is black and white as guests return to their everyday lives and flowers fade away. In spite of its time limited nature, floral decor continues to stir up great interest. So, beyond the black and white exists a colorful argument for the fact that the images and video segments capture the beauty of decor with each and every viewing.

Hawaiian born flowers, feathers flown across time zones from Israel, embellished light fixtures growing from the ground up... the list of possibilities is endless.
So, choose a budget from which a unique and lasting memory can be created. The list of talents available to design and implement event florals and decor is a long one.
Let us help you to find yours quickly, leaving extra time to "stop and smell the roses!"

A final thought to share. One floral designer in Westchester shared a story of
how her creations actually went home with the hosts in a slightly different fashion.
The centerpieces were distributed in order to brighten their home for the week after the event. A stunning light fixture and votives found their way into an entrance way
to greet all guests to their home for years to come! Money well spent and much adored!

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Monday, February 8, 2010


"60 Minutes" is one of the select few t.v. shows I like to tune in on. It's a really effective distraction for me as I put five miles behind me on a treadmill taking me nowhere fast. I think that I like the fact that the journalists on the show ask the "tough" questions...the ones most ask only in the privacy of their own minds or homes. I choose to believe that "60 Minutes" is true to life. So, imagine my horror when I learned, a few weeks ago, that a vice presidential candidate had been chosen from an interview on YouTube the night before her introduction to the world! No news stories or exposes broke on Monday morning denying the assertion , so I choose to believe that it is fact and not fiction.

On a weekly basis, I am asked two tough questions over and over again. The first question concerns my personal life and , usually,is a variation of "Can you bring me...I forgot...please? " It comes from one of my daughters. I have learned , without the help of the "60 Minutes" team, that many are asked the same tough question with regularity. The second question relates to my business. "Are people still celebrating?" In 60 seconds, not 60 minutes, the truth: YES!

It would not take an hour to explain that the economical down slide has shifted celebratory trends. While some events are cut from corporate budgets, private
celebrations continue to occur. Charitable functions push forward. A weak economy actually serves to strengthen my clients as consumers. They are more mindful than ever of how and where they are spending their money. When I meet with them, as well as with my vendors, I find that they have found great comfort in having options. They have become more creative in response to market trends. The notion that "nothing is new under the sun" is false. New venues continue to emerge. Promotional items reinvent themselves with each season. There is always a new twist on cuisine. When the going gets tough, the creative juices get going.

The downside of options as an m.o. ( the "60 Minutes" crew seems to show the positive and the negative sides of any given story) is that there seems never to be enough time to get the "to do" list of research down to a manageable size, while holding down a career , family and household. I have, therefore, become known as "party personal shopper." I do the research for my clients and provide the best possible options needed to fulfill their wish lists. In doing so, I share vendors and talents who provide service with integrity. Pricing is
appropriately set to sell. As the market dips so does stress over wasted funds!

Truth: The party's on at Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Local Talent: Part Two


What would my Chappaqua neighbor H.R.C. do? If she were home, I mean, and not traveling the world in an attempt to keep the lines of communication open. My best guess is that she would be seen around town taking care of business on a much more local level. I am trying to put myself in her shoes and support the town's local talent in a fragile economy. Change begins at home before it moves out into the world at large.

I am running (or driving as any given day would have me doing) on the concept that
time, itself, is a commodity. So, I am in my car and off to take care of too many things in too little time. En route, just a few blocks away from my home, lives a woman who is an event decor diamond in the rough. Ironically, she and I grew up only blocks away from one another . The connection seems almost fated.

She prides herself on being very spiritual, wearing it around her neck and on the
passenger side door of her car for all to see. There's an energy about her which is reflected in her projects. Vision. Raw space morphs into illuminated lounges. Lighting and large scale decor seem to be her forte. Peace , love and an affordable event of a lifetime. After my stops I will send her the name of someone who
is searching the state for the exact talent which exists in her own backyard! I am not solving world issues but I am trying to help Chappaqua heal one event at a time!