Sunday, September 26, 2010

" When Your Own Initials Are Enough "

A Botega Veneta ad campaign back in ...the 70's perhaps?
How sage and how ahead of their time. Years later I , still, find myself
drawn to life's little pleasures which don't wear business cards all
over them.

A more recent campaign, over the last school calendar year, arose
in the suburbs of Westchester when school officials chose to
place limitations on the rights of students to wear custom print
giveaway sweats to school. Most schools remained neutral on the
wave of fleece , in any given color, washing over the foyers on a
Monday morning following a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. However, a handful
of school administrators and staff members deemed the display of such
as unkind in nature to those who had not been asked to attend the
events. Their rulings allowed the clothing items to appear from
Tuesday on after the buzz had died down and the focus was on
the printed word in the form of a textbook or homework.

I can see both sides of the argument.

I , for one, loved , and still do, the concept of wearing something
which cannot be directly identified by those looking on.
However, I like the ability to use dress as a form of self expression and, yes, even
indulge in certain branded items for the art behind them (as opposed to the
price tags).

As for the kids? Three years of preparation and commitment to
serving as an adult in their given community is something to be celebrated.
Two or three initials on the front of back of hoodie
don't seem over the me. After all, kids of all ages go
to practices and weeks of tryout in order to make the teams of their choice.
More often than not, the athletes sport sweats in unison.
They wear them as soon as they come off of the iron presses.
Their names, numbers, school and team affiliations are in plain view for
all to experience. Yes, there are those who do not make the team for
whatever reason, but the ones who do are not limited as to how, where or when
they will announce their affiliation.

Let us know what you think, please!
We are always listening to our clients and our followers.

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 Quick Holiday Fixes For, At Least, 3 Holiday Parties!

1. SHADES OF THE SEASON: Lamps...tall , short , deco , neo-classical...whatever
turns you , and the lights, on for Holidays 2010-2011. Our decor experts
are brightening homes with shades draped with scarves, wrapped up in crystal
chains and/or based in a base of berries and beads. So pretty , you'll want to
keep the lights on even during broad daylight!

2. IT'S A CINCH: Fabrics swagged and draped for drama. Our most creative decor consultants
are blending colors, room to room , in order to create a perfect cocoon
for staying warm through the winter. Romantic and realistically priced as
it all breaks down easily when you want a change!

3. LIGHT A FIRE: Fireplaces ,mantels , outdoor hearths and more. Our
mood mavens come with cars filled with all of the trims. Custom
treatments which will allow for intimate gatherings and large
family traditions. See how feathers blaze in a room this season in line
with the latest fashions! Photo opps are eye catching !

This and much more! Let us celebrate the holidays with you at home!

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions 914 - 410 -2368 jo rosenfeld major occasions on FB

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

" FOR SALE." No sign on the lawn!

When the first house which I called "home" sold, it did so thanks to the
talents of Karen Eastman-Bigos. Karen is "the girl next door" in every sense.
She grew up just a property away from mine with the ability to look over my
lawn in order to see the bigger picture spanning out over the suburb in N.J.
She went to high school in town, grabbed a slice at the same haunt which still stands
on the main drag and worked side by side with her mom to build a business
opening houses and closing deals. So, who better to market my home than
someone who truly loved it and the community in which it stood? Truth be
told, Karen was talented enough to have sold it twice in about the same number
of years for me. By her second sale, I was finally ready to move on from the
town in which we'd both made memories. She could have sold it a third time had I
asked her to!

The same " For Sale " feeling exists for those vendors who have
carefully chosen to set up shop in their own hoods.

One of my favorite hometown heroes is a photographer now located in
a small northern Westchester town. He and his family grew up on the
streets of Chappaqua. He owned homes and businesses in sister towns.
When he finally put up his "For Sale" sign in event photography it was
not on the lawn. Rather, people were drawn to his ease, talent, photographic
eye and love for their neighborhood. Why race to NYC when a prized
photographer was drinking a vente drip while catching the winning shot in a
middle school game made by a Bar Mitzvah boy whom he was contracted to
shoot in only a week's time?

Just a stone's throw and picturesque drive away lives a woman who
knows the ins, outs and inlets of the quiet Connecticut suburb in
which she works. She walks the New England walk, talks the New England
talk and sees beauty, her biz, in the eyes of all of the women
who stop in for her advice. She stopped to smell local roses just
long enough to have developed a passions for her patrons' events.
She is also on call to another talented photographic "townie" gone
international. Her lens is most comfortable when working at
home in photo journalistic mode. Cosmetics enhance the beauties
of the burbs and dessert decor reflects the flavor of the locals.
A sweet deal!Their talents, on a "two for one" basis, need no curbside calling
cards as they speak for and sell themselves. Both women work from an appreciation for all which exists within walking distance.

No need to travel the ends of the earth in order to
put together a top tier team of experts for your next
event. Let us introduce you to your neighbors! You'll eliminate " Buyer's Remorse!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Something old, something new.
Something borrowed is this Fall's blue!

Fall 2010 event venue trends are all about trading spaces.
The generation which cashed in on share houses in Fire Island, time shares in
San Fran and rented homes from LBI to Barcelona is now
opening its doors to party planners.

A "real" estate in Greenwich, Ct. will soon escort guests over winding paths to
waterfront views at sunset. It will be and Eden for dining by-the-bite. The sultry sound of a jazz soloist will fill the air as the season's first stars come into
sight. The family behind the lease will linger over coffee and reviews
of the local press the next morning from a ski home in Vermont.

A first home sans the mortgage payments! A young couple will exchange wedding vows
and front door keys with their long married siblings. The bride and groom
will take pass on a three tier cake. Instead, they will rise to new and
exciting heights in a fully furnished NYC penthouse. Wrap around views in
a venue which is their dream home for the future. Owners of the
apartment will be guests in their own home and then leave to
take a long weekend in a Carolina golf condo.

A renamed, renovated and revamped restaurant will open its doors on
a Monday night. By invitation only, diners will have a
chance to raise a glass and awareness for the charity of their choice.
An eclectic menu will be served with live music and a taste of
local artistic talent. In return, the artist will , personally, deliver the
funds raised to a "home base" office for those in need.
In the best of taste. In the best of space.

Let us take you on a house tour !
Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions
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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Pay it forward.
Give back.
Whichever way your heart's G.P.S. takes you, charity is the
event of the season. Destination? Greenwich, Ct.

Fashionistas and artists are taking it to the streets
once again. The boutique bound will find much satisfaction on
Fashion Night Out (Sept. 10, 2010). Buying in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness/Research will be the deal of the night.
Al fresco art unveilings will shower the streets all month long. They are
galleries for all to meet neighbors who spend both their time
and money celebrating the ability to make a difference.

Just down the road (Sept. 11, 2010), E.C.A.D. is kicking up
its denim, heel, boots and tails for the "real" heroes.
Waterside wait staff will take care of those
raising funds for the future of our veterans , their families and
our neighborhoods.

Need directions on how to get on the guest list
of any one of the many celebrations taking place in
Connecticut? In search of someone to coordinate
your an event for the charity of your choice? Let us guide you !

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions 914- 419 -2368 Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions on FB

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Guilty - a slave to what the international runways send down preseason to see what's in style in France and Italy. It's all over the top and too much fun to watch. A luxury item is a luxury item. Prices are predictably high in any given country.
So, I am taking a look at what is happening at the end of another runway - an airport one. How are people celebrating in France and Italy all year long?

On any ordinary day the men and women of Paris are beautiful to behold. I have to laugh
( to myself as I am, after all, in France where everyone is not only beautiful but soooo reserved) as I drink my coffee. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with others, outside of the Cafe Duree, the posture of the Parisians is one sitting facing the street and "viewing" life in a very different manner than I am accustomed to.
My French is fragile but I attempt to chat with a fellow coffee lover. I now have
a handle , pun intended, on what I will coin as "fete forward."

Less is more. The economy has seen to that . The cost of both living and celebrating
is enough to take one's breath away. So, churches and hotels see their fair share
of events while museums and other alternative venues do not. Wine flows and food is served in a most traditional fashion. Flowers are plentiful and are easily found
courtesy of Mother Nature. So, in good weather, parties take place in courtyards.
One birthday celebration at the Georges Cinq is set up with a number of small tents.
Iron bases have soft canopies tied atop supporting poles with cascading , filmy
ribbons. Table settings are smaller and more intimate. There appears to be less of
an emphasis on a focal point and more on the ambiance. Felicitations , Catherine!

Fete fit for a Roi. My tour guide in Versailles, Anne Marie, says that only large
companies plan events at the palace. The gardens have fifty
landscaping crews working on them day in and day out. A staff of fountain keepers
keep the same hours. So, a world wide player, such as Microsoft, can easily extend
invitations to hundreds of guests for a launch. Formal attire and entertainment.
Private families, however well off, do not look to take over the palace an its
surroundings. I am thinking that brides choose not to accept stress as part of
the planning process. There is a venue for everyone and there are , even in a soft economy, 365 days in a year.

When in Rome... and I am. My guide , Daniel, who is a native Italian with catering work experience in N.Y., Miami, Vegas and Colorado, explains to me what a fly on the
city walls of Rome gets to see and hear.

Life and its joyous moments are celebrated with dancing in the streets. I
am busy staring at a nude which I know well from my art history days in
college. Behind me a bride , her family and friends are draped in silk
and striking their own poses for impromptu pictures. Simple fabrics.
Simple surroundings. Simple foods. Like the statue, her memories will be
carved in stone and survive the years.

Get me to the church on time! There is one on every corner...maybe two?
In Florence, the land of luxurious leather, elegant gatherings are scaled down
to be intimate much like that of the French. I am struck by the attention to both fashion and fare. Stunning copies of original dress designs line the streets of the city. The menus I find are prefixed and delicious. Local wines are offered and , I think, worth raising one's glass to. There are string musicians
who create a most romantic mood. Boutique hotels offer rooms for private
gatherings and their price points are both non negotiable and flexible.

"No worries. " The Villa Scacciapensieri which is named with that in mind. I discover that foreign dignitaries and local politicians will, from time to time, escape to celebrate a meeting of the minds in style. French service in the Tuscany valley makes me laugh ( aloud this time as , in Italy, volume is encouraged)! Lemon trees are natural bounds set
for gatherings. Paola, who indulges me an iced coffee, a la America, shares
tales of weddings and anniversaries which are being celebrated at the villa.
Sculpture gardens and stone patios are old world settings for new , and returning, guests. On a clear day, one can see miles and miles into the distance.
Event coordinators do not appear with headsets. The details are handled in advance
and then a most seasoned staff takes over. A celebratory meal at one end of the patio lingers for hours. The group sits and sits...and sits... "last call" is the last thing anyone has on their minds. Every moment is one to be savored. A simple menu of foods and wines. I note the absence of a drycleaning service and , so,
it occurs to me that a change of wardrobe from ceremony to reception will
not be a dramatic one. My blood pressure drops and so stress is not
an invited guest in Sienna.

I'm heading home to see what the dollar buys and if it is worth celebrating
at home !

Let us give you a first class destination event. Let us help you to celebrate
at home.

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There's A College for Everyone

"There's a college for everyone."

Upon first glance , I am sure that, the above statement seems completely
random and unrelated to anything , even remotely, related to the
event industry. Upon second glance, the statement seems to be calming.
It relives the stress of feeling the pressure to commit to any of the
"top, hot and booked out for the next three years " venues or vendors.
Besides, how could looking at colleges with an incoming high school
junior be considered anything shy of a life event?!

Two summery months until college craziness moves into my universe.
Two summery months to take advantage of slower days...days
during which I can , casually, help my friends and clients to see
that there is a college for everyone. There is a venue and a vendor
for everyone. It 's a matter of making a short list to look at and into
a representative of each option and figure out what "feels"
best for the person doing the looking! Not a new concept but one
which is best revisited when the days are longer and the pace of life
is slower.

Just last week I had the pleasure of escorting and interviewing
representatives from both boutique and big business ends of the
event industry. My clients sat back in the comfort of their home
and got a feel for what their options are and what would make
them want to attend their own celebration.

"Boutique" is another word for "family." One very special V.P. of
an entertainment group drove several hours in order to bring
her "family " into the family room of my clients. She sat with
a small laptop equipped with big impact. Time . Attention.
One party in a 24 hour span. Everyone working with her was part of a well
oiled machine (and from the looks of the video clips they are
very , very well oiled)in order to keep the momentum going
from beginning to end. Emotion. Bonding. Blending. Even the contractual
agreement she shared was written as if my clients were related to
the group and nothing in the world mattered more than they did.

Big business pulled up, hours away and days later, with
a history of successes in the passenger seat. A bigger screen
for viewing, high impact and top tier performance. His family
was and is much more of an extended one. Some have been with
the group for over two decades and others have come aboard to
be mentored by their predecessors. Smooth. Seamless.
He offered my clients the assurance that, in the event of any
emergency, there would be many to step in and see the party
through with flying colors.

The two entertainment options cater to different people, for
different reasons at different times. And, at the same time,
they take the guess work out of what the party will be
when it grows up. My clients became college applicants
of sorts. Their decision was one based , purely, on personal
preference. A college for everyone. A venue and a vendor for everyone.
Stress was not ever invited along for the interview process or the
decision making one.

As for the concept of Early Decision in college and in event planning?
I am one who puts much stock in trusting one's gut and shortening the
"to do" list. So, if it feels right then put in an application and
hope for the best. Sweatshirts and bumper stickers?? Now, those best be
left for college. For a party, both the boutique and big biz
groups will wear any custom print tee or hat which would bring
the family and crowd to their feet!

Let us bring the excitement into your family room !
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

411 on 2010

It seems to me that every time I sit down to blog , over recent weeks, I am
sidetracked with calls from new and existing clients. I am thrilled to be side tracked, you should know, and even more thrilled by the writer's block I am experiencing beyond the blog.

Three photographers. Three out of three booked for a 2011 event. I hit a wonderful wall! Email writer's block !
Well, it took some creativity to match the task with the talent. Tries four and five
came up picture perfect. It occurs to me that as walls are cropping up so
is the economy!

Venue searches have walls closing in, too. Booked. Deposits made. Money put down
ahead of time. This is all very, very good!

Now, you can ask , " How can that be very , very good for me? " After all, hosts and venues need
doors to be open in order to celebrate. Well, it is good as the industry is rising to
the occasion(s) and staffing up It is, once again, custom tailoring product, presentation and pricing.

So, pick up the phone. Take me away from the blog which is so long overdue an entry!
Try your luck! You'll be a winner!

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions
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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Over the last 24 hours, I have gotten calls, emails and request for the following:

- a cotton candy machine with two colors and one attendant
- a vintage ice cream truck equipped with a driver and a bell for the kids to ring while the memories of such ring in the ears of their parents
- edible centerpieces made of one hundred percent refined sugar
- shot glasses of warm chocolate pudding with custom baked Twinkies and Devil Dogs riding shotgun
- a Viennese table for a retro Mitzvah
- elaborate desserts by the bite for a "regressive" dinner party

Why the sweet smell of dessert? I turned to history in order to answer my own question.

Before the mechanization of the sugar industry, long before the
rise of Dylan's Candy Bar and the likes, sweets were a privilege of the
aristocrats. Sweets ,for the masses, were a rare treat on special occasions.

Years later , the call ( or the email) is for candy coated celebrations.
Sugar for the masses en masse. Clients are craving sweet treats and the
sweet memories of childhood.

Life is short. Why not begin your day with dessert?!

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions.
914 - 419 - 2368 Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions on FB

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dinner and a Home Movie?

Remember when hearing that your Saturday night at a friend's house was to include dinner, dessert and a pot of family photo album ? Worse, a big slice of home movies?
Over the years, you mastered the art of "poker face" when presented with the
weekend invitation. Many years later , Facebook and other social networks have
changed watching your friends and family on film much more attractive.
You can sneak a quick peak at posted pix without a two hour commitment
to "ooh" and "ahh." Photoshopped and swapped, images are shared with the blink of an eye leaving much time for coffee and/or dessert.

HOWEVER, when it comes to milestone events, it is still important to consider
those who might not share your ability to log in and out of the lives of those
you care for. There are some, such as your kids, who are not connected to a social network ( or at least you hope not) and who live for the entertainment provided
by your voice sharing stories of long ago. Oral story telling and the printed picture. It is the perfect rainy day activity or bedtime ritual.

Professional photographs and videos are a legacy for your children. Many of the shots, such as bridal party prep, are not shared with the masses. The potential
"bloopers" tend to evoke more emotion than any Facebook profile pic or
album inclusion can ever hope to achieve.

The weekend approaches. The weather is unpredictable. One thing is certain,
an invitation to dinner, dessert and carefully chosen eye candy is looking
very, very good. Pull out your albums and videos. Share your stories and
bring a smile to the faces of those in your audience. Pass around the
pot of coffee and our business contacts. Let us refer you to the most talented
photographers and videographers. Let us entertain you !

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions 914 - 419 2368 Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions on FB

Friday, April 16, 2010

Celebrating on a Local Level

The lure of Fire Island, for many , was the ability to leave their cars , and civilization, behind. A ferry ride away, the island offered up a party Eden
for visitors and residents. A walk to any spot was withing block left less time to waste on commuting and more for having fun. Celebrating on a local level !

Now they're " all grown up, " with families, work and /or obligations.
Leaving life behind has become far more complicated. Who, to make it more
difficult, invited the economy to throw a wrench into going out and being carefree?!

Residents in a Northern Westchester communities have risen to the occasion.
They have begun to celebrate at home...well, in their hometowns.

One nail salon owner shared the secret of G.N.O. in her town. The same group of women who had once lived in NYC , spent summers on Fire Island and the Hamptons , moved to the burbs and now kept in touch, opt to leave life in the fast lane.
For any given birthday, " the girls " take over the shop for an evening.
Mani, pedi, massage, wax and a lot of laughs are shared. The local wine seller has the party pop and the sushi is delivered from only blocks away. In many cases, babysitters are no longer needed as the group is right in town. Good for the guests and great for the pocketbooks.

Charitable events have also navigated themselves away from more austere venues, such as hotels, and pitched party tents within the walls of local restaurants and inns.
An annual workout ,in the name of good health, brings out the neighbors in numbers.
Food stations are set up along side auction items. Dressing for success no longer involves a blowout , make over or little black dress." B.Y.O.B." is redefined to mean " bring your own bonsu !"

The possibilities are endless and Northern Westchester has brought the
party home for the holidays and for every other day worth celebrating.

Let us help you to find local talent on any level. Venues, catering, entertainment and more !

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Thursday, April 1, 2010


A dozen delicious and daring ways for JORO to show you what Spring 2010 cookies are good for! Ideas so fresh that you can taste them before they are baked!

1. Cookie candle lightings this bar/bar mitzvah. See how the old standard cupcake
holds up against this new and exciting concept ! Lighting a candle on a cookie burns calories!

2. Cookie place cards are a mouthwatering version of a paper ancestor. No trees
are downed in the process...only natural ingredients!

3. Cookie bouquets for the prima ballerina post recital. A personalized picture on the morsel says a thousand words. The cookie will keep the audience talking for years to come !

4. Cookie camp reunion or bunk gifts. Color, logo and color war over who eats the one extra!

5. Cookies custom designed with mom in mind this mother's day. Grandma, too...not to mention the kid(s) who gave you that status!

6. Cookies for the cause! Redefine a fund raising bake sale ...raise awareness and money !

7. Cookie business cards. An easy sell, in any market, for a realty open house !

8. Cookies go down easily for pre-prom carbo loading. Thinking girls don't eat? Think again, lol !

9. Cookies shorten the long list of teacher gifts at the end of the year. A perfect
mate for the stack of Starbucks gift cards they'll receive!

10. Cookies which make everyone ooh and aah at a bridal shower. Never duplicated. Never the wrong size or color. Never returned !

11. Cookies tucked into hotel guest bags to keep your out-of-towners smiling.
They can be doubly delicious as a "thank you" note for having made the long trip !

12. Cookie trading cards or s.r.o. tickets for a birthday party.
Your m.v.p. or teen idol has never looked so good !

Order now!
Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions 914-419-2368 Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions on FB

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let JORO Help You With Your Spring Cleaning!

1. Clean out your closets! Pull out all of your black tie, semi formal and daytime festive party dresses. Determine which ones can be tweaked by your fave tailor for
another showing. Decide which ones need to be relocated to either a consignment boutique or a local charitable donation center so that someone else can celebrate.
Let Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions help you to merchandise and accessorize with some of the area's fashionistas!

2. Put your best face forward! Toss out your winter weather make up and muddied color palettes. Make an appointment to have your make up "done up" for the springy season. Whether day into evening or event specific , have Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions introduce you to cosmetic artists who can transform your look in one short session!

3. Smile for the camera! Now that you can see beyond the clouds, arrange for a photo shoot outdoors with all of nature as your witness. "Save the Date" cards are atop everyone's wedding and event lists. Ask Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions to open the doors to a photography studio chosen to capture you in the best of lights!

4. Strike a pose! Lax games, swim meets, dance recitals, family holiday dinners , camp reunions and more. Start taking pictures which fill in the blanks in your montage. Call Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions to find a videographer who is computer tech top of the charts and can make your event one in a lifetime!

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


One could hear a pin drop...or a lens, more appropriately, as my oldest daughter
directed her finger toward the center of her eyeball. "SHHHHHHH" was all she had to say to me during the intense appointment. At some point in time ( I lost track as I dared not look at the clock, the sun setting, or anything else which might have
made her anxious)my cell phone vibrated! The whirring was enough to set her off,too, so I took the call in the safety of the office building restroom!

"Stacy" called. You know "Stacy." "Stacy Knows." "Stacy" a.k.a. Stacy Geisinger.
She meets, she attends, she blogs and , mostly, she shares information. Her talents
shorten the learning curve for friends and clients in the same way that Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions does for its friends and clients. She and I are 24/7 information movers who find one another "on " line at "off "hours, at various charity functions, on Facebook and over the phone. The fee for her tips is a heartfelt "thank you."
The same goes for my own clients. Smiles, props and future referrals are all the
thanks necessary from them. Stacy does have a money making business. Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions does work for compensation. The reality is that businesses make money. "Free enterprise" is not really "free" in the sense that advertising dollars, marketing fees, administrative costs, taxes and more eat up much of what would otherwise be pure profit.

There are many times when Stacy of I work for "free." She and I donate time and services to charities in order to "pay it forward " to those with less fortunate
life circumstances. Stacy and I do work for family and friends at or below cost. We hope to represent only vendors for whom we have respect and trust.

Stacy Knows. Jo knows, too. Jo knows that there are whispers of some suburban women
walking into offices and storefronts of celebratory talents asking for referral commissions after the fact. I question the notion of "free enterprise" if it means that anyone can masquerade as a legitimate referral resource on any given day.
I question it and you might do the same! Put your time and faith in those who have
earned the reputation of having built business networks which work for you first!
Stacy knows and does. Joro knows and does, too. Let us share what we do best !

Jo Rosenfeld, Event Coordinator
Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions 914-419-2368
Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions on FB

Thursday, February 25, 2010


" Bigger isn't always better. " WELL, SOMETIMES IT IS!

Recent media would have one believe that " money " is the only thing to be concerned
with. It is true that there, all too often, seems to be too little " money " to go around in a recession when it comes to planning a party. What lies beneath the finance,
however, is the reality of "time." " Time " is a commodity and there never, ever
appears to be enough of it in supply to meet the demand. So, smart event shoppers
are looking to save on both fronts.

Super-sized entertainment venues are cropping up all over the Tristate area for just
that reason. Huge concrete facades , in spite of their rigid exteriors , are proving to be very, very flexible.

A Westchester entertainment extravaganza morphs day into night causing a central cafe in the round to become a full service bar. Every night can be a Saturday night and Thursdays are not reserved for society affairs. The private catering arm offers a Boho chic cocktail party, corporate retreat, camp reunion or black tie mitzvah to
unfold all week long. No worries of the space not being ready to roll for an incoming morning gathering. It is white glove clean by 3 a.m. The mezzanine can be
rented for a child's birthday party, a night of shooting pool and fun for a more grown up celebration or contracted as a "sky box" for attending a concert performance
with food and beverage service.

Just a half hour away in Rockland a new party palace has opened its doors. Valet
parking attendants escort guests onto the carpet and into the fun. In minutes,
full basketball court gym spaces disappear into the "black" allowing piping, draping and dramatic lighting to emerge. The vast spaces are arranged , rearranged, configured, reconfigured, decorated and redecorated to accommodate visionaries and
their budgets. Catering is to anyone's taste whether it be ballgame barbecue stations or passed food by-the-bite. Furnishings, music, video and more. A one stop shop.

Northern New Jersey welcomes the big kid on the block! One is caught up in the energy and talent living within the massive structure. Two special party rooms
seat hundreds of guests and allow the same numbers to dance til dawn. A fully equipped commercial has been built in. Its pulse is on anything worth celebrating
from a very Sweet Sixteen to a G.N.O. with frozen drinks being poured. A milestone
birthday and a holiday business bash are equally treated to the options of
state of the art audio-video, emcees and d.j.s for the event of a lifetime.
The furnishings light up and so does the venue itself.

Worth noting on one's shopping list is customer service. All three mega
spaces offer constant contact . Phone. Email. FB. Twitter. Size has not
diluted the concentration on anyone's part.

So, there is no reason to waste precious time sweating the SMALL stuff. Let us introduce you to see, experience and remember the BIG picture!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


"After the flowers have died, all you have left are your pictures. "

For years, photographers and videographers have been educating their prospective clients on the importance of event image documentation. Pictures. Photographs. Video projects. Their position is black and white as guests return to their everyday lives and flowers fade away. In spite of its time limited nature, floral decor continues to stir up great interest. So, beyond the black and white exists a colorful argument for the fact that the images and video segments capture the beauty of decor with each and every viewing.

Hawaiian born flowers, feathers flown across time zones from Israel, embellished light fixtures growing from the ground up... the list of possibilities is endless.
So, choose a budget from which a unique and lasting memory can be created. The list of talents available to design and implement event florals and decor is a long one.
Let us help you to find yours quickly, leaving extra time to "stop and smell the roses!"

A final thought to share. One floral designer in Westchester shared a story of
how her creations actually went home with the hosts in a slightly different fashion.
The centerpieces were distributed in order to brighten their home for the week after the event. A stunning light fixture and votives found their way into an entrance way
to greet all guests to their home for years to come! Money well spent and much adored!

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions
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Monday, February 8, 2010


"60 Minutes" is one of the select few t.v. shows I like to tune in on. It's a really effective distraction for me as I put five miles behind me on a treadmill taking me nowhere fast. I think that I like the fact that the journalists on the show ask the "tough" questions...the ones most ask only in the privacy of their own minds or homes. I choose to believe that "60 Minutes" is true to life. So, imagine my horror when I learned, a few weeks ago, that a vice presidential candidate had been chosen from an interview on YouTube the night before her introduction to the world! No news stories or exposes broke on Monday morning denying the assertion , so I choose to believe that it is fact and not fiction.

On a weekly basis, I am asked two tough questions over and over again. The first question concerns my personal life and , usually,is a variation of "Can you bring me...I forgot...please? " It comes from one of my daughters. I have learned , without the help of the "60 Minutes" team, that many are asked the same tough question with regularity. The second question relates to my business. "Are people still celebrating?" In 60 seconds, not 60 minutes, the truth: YES!

It would not take an hour to explain that the economical down slide has shifted celebratory trends. While some events are cut from corporate budgets, private
celebrations continue to occur. Charitable functions push forward. A weak economy actually serves to strengthen my clients as consumers. They are more mindful than ever of how and where they are spending their money. When I meet with them, as well as with my vendors, I find that they have found great comfort in having options. They have become more creative in response to market trends. The notion that "nothing is new under the sun" is false. New venues continue to emerge. Promotional items reinvent themselves with each season. There is always a new twist on cuisine. When the going gets tough, the creative juices get going.

The downside of options as an m.o. ( the "60 Minutes" crew seems to show the positive and the negative sides of any given story) is that there seems never to be enough time to get the "to do" list of research down to a manageable size, while holding down a career , family and household. I have, therefore, become known as "party personal shopper." I do the research for my clients and provide the best possible options needed to fulfill their wish lists. In doing so, I share vendors and talents who provide service with integrity. Pricing is
appropriately set to sell. As the market dips so does stress over wasted funds!

Truth: The party's on at Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Local Talent: Part Two


What would my Chappaqua neighbor H.R.C. do? If she were home, I mean, and not traveling the world in an attempt to keep the lines of communication open. My best guess is that she would be seen around town taking care of business on a much more local level. I am trying to put myself in her shoes and support the town's local talent in a fragile economy. Change begins at home before it moves out into the world at large.

I am running (or driving as any given day would have me doing) on the concept that
time, itself, is a commodity. So, I am in my car and off to take care of too many things in too little time. En route, just a few blocks away from my home, lives a woman who is an event decor diamond in the rough. Ironically, she and I grew up only blocks away from one another . The connection seems almost fated.

She prides herself on being very spiritual, wearing it around her neck and on the
passenger side door of her car for all to see. There's an energy about her which is reflected in her projects. Vision. Raw space morphs into illuminated lounges. Lighting and large scale decor seem to be her forte. Peace , love and an affordable event of a lifetime. After my stops I will send her the name of someone who
is searching the state for the exact talent which exists in her own backyard! I am not solving world issues but I am trying to help Chappaqua heal one event at a time!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Pictures

I notice that , in some industries, the head shots of professionals don't change from year to year (to year). Granted, there is something to be said for stopping time and being seen at one's personal best. My children, however, have cause me to see the benefits of growing old gracefully...even in the eye of the camera ! Armed with cellphone camera settings, they spend their days caught up in a photojournalistic frenzy. Uploading the images has become an art in itself. By dinnertime, on any given day, the world at large can bear witness to how they grow. Today, I send my camera buffs off to school to focus on work. A decision is made to waive a cup of coffee for a Venti-sized dose of conversation with some of the photographers with whom I work.

On the other side of the lens, a Westchester photographer shares his passion for the technological revolution which drives his market. His select computer applications allow him to put the client in the editor's chair. Seated side by side, he and his client run through each image in order to adjust them...tweak minor nips and tucks while maintaining the integrity of his craft. He tells me that he has been able to pass along the wisdom of being able to put one' best face forward while still being recognizable by passers by on the street. Softening the effects of a stressful life and making his client smile long after the picture has been taken is his specialty.

A Westfield , N.J. based photographer tells me how she lives for the intimacy of emotional portraiture. She is fortunate to share the excitement and capture the love of newly blended families. Grandparents from across the world are meeting their grandchildren for the very first time. In the studio there are many windows shedding natural light. Photo memories with signs of aging will be welcome at the shoot. Her gift to the family is the option of a personal visit to their home with the goal of displaying photographs in such a way that they remain timeless.

One quick peak at my website and Facebook before I go to work on my blog entry.
I stop to take a quick look at my own profile photo. The photographer, who has a knack for putting me at ease, captures personality and a business persona which I can live with. Now, the question is not whether or not to update the photo but one of when to do so? Do I go the route of some news journalists whose columns
have the same image for 25 years? Do I aim my iPhone at myself, strike a pose, turn myself hot pink and post it on Facebook? Do I call a photographer and give myself a birthday gift for the inevitable up and coming 50th this Spring? What do you think? The answer makes me smile!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Local Talent : Part One


"Reclaimed." That's how one artist describes her works in progress and on display.

"Event Art." That's how I describe the pieces of art having gotten up close and personal during a private studio tour today.

Inspired by NYC museums, contemporary mixed media artists and a need to save the planet, she takes symbolic pieces of the guest of honor and creates lifetime memories and investments. 3D sculpture centerpieces and room accents, life size wall panels, collage sign in boards, memory books and more. The colors are carefully chosen to work with the decor of any venue and/or theme. Her masterpieces are displayed to accent floral and lighting effects.

With a hands on approach to changing the environment, the artist redefines traditional event decor. So, carbon stains are slowly being replaced by green fingerprints!

This year's best investment: Event Art

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Video Chat

Avatar 3D, a 2 hour and 40 minute long film, stands as strong testimony to the importance of life event videography. Having seen it with my husband and close friends who are soon to be married, I am left with just that message from the bride to be. Her thoughts are to capture a private ceremony for 25 guests and share it, at a later date, at a much larger and less intimate reception for many, many more people.

My own daughters echo my thoughts and words as to how video is a living legacy for them to pass onto their own children. An emotional account of an event with memorable narrative is a timeless, priceless gift for any family. As quickly as Avatar transports the audience through time so does a life event video. Sari and Ally will take the argument a step further with the reminder of daily video chats on their Macs. Shared chat sessions allow them to look back at YouTube pieces which they created at younger ages. They can relive those moments at any given time. So, why not milestone occasions?

The soundtrack of Avatar appeal to me as much as any special effect does. Certain songs take me back in time to wonderful memories. I think of how I recently logged onto a friend's up and coming high school reunion website only to find a play list for my listening pleasure. The music is that of the decade in order to relive youth and all of the fun associated with it. So, why not for life events? Many times I am guilty of playing a song over and over (and over ) again in order to go back in time.

2 hours and 40 minutes is a long time to sit. It's long enough to leave the theater a bit older! The passage of time does that to all of us. I am mindful that certain family members are getting on in years and that health issues will cause them to be incapable of joining me for special times. Alzheimer's and other cruel diseases will not let them share their thoughts on a day's festivities. Videography captures them at their best and they remain that way, in my mind, forever.

The groom to be left me with the impression that he is not sold on the concept of video. I giggle. This reaction from a man who has his golf swing captured on camera in an effort to become a better player. Does he , or do I , really want to relive lessons to be learned?!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reservations About Why We Make Reservations: Why do we run from our own dream homes?

Kitchen couture with state of the art everything. Windows dressed top to bottom with as much care as are runway models. Paver stone pathways winding to front doors which scream "curbside appeal" to the passing cars. Wall to wall labors of love, our houses to homes, and STILL we race out, every chance we get, on Saturday night, to sit in the midst of a venue which is someone else's idea of decorating nirvana. Why? Why not live in the houses which we have transformed into homes?

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: Enjoy your home and share it with those with whom you enjoy spending a Saturday night (or any other night of the week)!

-Plan an intimate wine tasting for you, your significant other and another couple. Hire a wine expert to come into your den. Be treated to a once in a lifetime celebration. Valentine's Day beginning with a celebratory red and ending with a dessert port. Birthday bubblies over chilled and aged to perfection. The possibilities are endless and the budget is yours to determine.

- Host a spa night with the girls. Throw a party for your best friend's --th birthday . Coordinate a mother-daughter retreat. Call up your camp friends and invite them to sleep over 25 years later. Hire a make up artist, hair stylist, masseuse or Reiki instructor. Have your guests leave the leftovers behind and go home with custom keepsakes.

- Dinner and the movies in the home theater which you once designed. A montage for a milestone anniversary. Stay connected with your "clique" each month and bring in dinner 'n a great flick. Junk food optional.

- Invite your friends and family over for a birthday brunch. Hire a musician or vocalist to entertain the crowd with a handpicked play list . Capture the moments with the help of a low key, top notch photographer. Relive their youth and your own. Have a decor artist spruce up your home for the occasion and have the party aura linger after everyone has left.

2010 has arrived. The air is chilly. The economy is still a bit chilly. Let us do the legwork, turn up the heat and light a fire. You can dance in the privacy of your own dream home! or

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Greetings from South of the (Tristate)Border!!!

Took a week off from my reality in chilly Westchester and headed south of the tristate border to see how the "other side" celebrates. From where I sat...

... on seat 24E of the sold out Delta 1505 flight . I found myself in a cloud of tweens and kids off to visit their grandparents. One very sweet twelve year old girl , from Scarsdale, shared tales of long distance video chats with her relatives in order to keep them in the loop. A moment of awkward silence and I knew that I was supposed to relate as a "girl" and not as a "mom." So, I walked her through my family's Thanksgiving '09 I ran between rooms, Mac in hand, in order to bring those far off, those near at hand and those plagued with the flu together for the holiday. My plane ride BFF and I brought her mom into the conversation . She became quite animated with the notion of a grandparent ("Grammies") candle lighting video. The footage rolled behind those coming up to light the candles . The production served to fill in the blanks for latter day friends and closed the distance between those in attendance and those watching at home. The beauty of modern technology - c.d. copies gifted to all in lieu of extra photo albums ! A fraction of the price and an investment in love!

...on a lounge chair at PGA staring out at the pool, a.k.a. "the big drink." Water bottles of every shape and size customized with the resort's logo. Then, a long line of women with great shades, few tan lines and their own supply of water bottles all sporting labels which read, " Girls Night Out. " The party was in honor of Lindsay's up and coming wedding. Upon arrival , each woman had received a beautiful bag filled with water bottles and everything else needed to survive the weekend! The line up of bags behind the reception desk was as impressive as that of the bikini clad wedding party.

... on the same lounge chair by the pool hours later. I couldn't see Lady Liberty from Palm Beach but I could hear her words echo in my ears over Alicia's version of Empire State on the Ipod. "Give me your tired, your hungry..." Much chat between post-golfing ladies of in home catered Shabbat dinners and brunches in order to make it convenient for sleep away camp friends to stay over . The party never ends or goes into delicious overtime mode!

... beneath a hat and sunscreen SPF 70 . Some like it hot and some do not. Most people, with whom I spoke, voiced disenchantment with outdoor ceremonies.
The humidity and chance of blistering heat were atop their list of fears. Stunning paper parasols had made a name for themselves at outdoor life events. Handed out along with crystal stems of sparkling water guests sat more comfortably through life events without sweating the small stuff. Talk about great photo opps!

... on a bench on the tennis court sidelines. Somewhere between game, set and match I managed to shoot out a text to one of my favorite Floridian party planners. What was new and exciting under the sun? Shopping and buying on a local level. She told me that the request from most was for custom giveaways, decor and more by local talent. Supporting one's own economy and not paying huge shipping or travel surcharges. Agreed. I told her that I refer sources to my clients with their geographic positions in mind. So, a 50th birthday in Malibu meant using a Cali vendor for just that reason!

... both eyes on the beautiful blue skies from a towel on a sandy beach! A Jersey girl who spent countless summers on "the shore."I had trouble, at first, pinpointing exactly what was missing. Then, the absence of skywriting planes and flags with ads over the sands hit me like a wave. Sign of the time, a local
transplanted Long Island mother told me that Bar/Bat Mitzvah banners were the rage. Warholesque images of the celebrated child, life size text messages , with love, from family and friends and more. She had been a teen in the 70s and said that she felt that banners were a contemporary response to life size foam core silhouettes. I shared my story of having watched a Bat Mitzvah girl break through a stage of banners in order to dance out into a ballroom of secondary draping decor. For a generation of green-minded kids, the banner decor appeared far more practical as it served to add drama to the room and then reinvent itself as playroom or bedroom wall covering. Draping is leased. Banners are owned. Flowers die. Banners are forever.

... from a chair in the hotel business office in an attempt to get the computer to cooperate for boarding purposes. I'd come full circle. Yes, in the Citrus Belt I found some new twists on old themes. Then, a moment of clarity. Rituals and event focal points remain constant with little regard to the miles which separate all of us. I met a very sweet woman who was about to marry off her second child. The festivities were scheduled to take place in New Jersey. Atop her party punch list was a formidable blow dry. Yes, I gave her the name and number of a salon, two stylists from which to choose and all sans commissions. Her smile was priceless!

... back in my office posting a blog. Happy New Year and new ideas! Contact me now , please! or