Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Something old, something new.
Something borrowed is this Fall's blue!

Fall 2010 event venue trends are all about trading spaces.
The generation which cashed in on share houses in Fire Island, time shares in
San Fran and rented homes from LBI to Barcelona is now
opening its doors to party planners.

A "real" estate in Greenwich, Ct. will soon escort guests over winding paths to
waterfront views at sunset. It will be and Eden for dining by-the-bite. The sultry sound of a jazz soloist will fill the air as the season's first stars come into
sight. The family behind the lease will linger over coffee and reviews
of the local press the next morning from a ski home in Vermont.

A first home sans the mortgage payments! A young couple will exchange wedding vows
and front door keys with their long married siblings. The bride and groom
will take pass on a three tier cake. Instead, they will rise to new and
exciting heights in a fully furnished NYC penthouse. Wrap around views in
a venue which is their dream home for the future. Owners of the
apartment will be guests in their own home and then leave to
take a long weekend in a Carolina golf condo.

A renamed, renovated and revamped restaurant will open its doors on
a Monday night. By invitation only, diners will have a
chance to raise a glass and awareness for the charity of their choice.
An eclectic menu will be served with live music and a taste of
local artistic talent. In return, the artist will , personally, deliver the
funds raised to a "home base" office for those in need.
In the best of taste. In the best of space.

Let us take you on a house tour !
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